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"The ability to paint comes from a desire within to transcend the ephemeral. When the pace of life is faster there is a greater need to transcend, a greater need for the creative."


Why I paint?

I have a need to paint. One could say that I have received a gift that pushes me to express myself in artist terms. Painting is a joy as it is a form of communication and it takes over when words fail. I love to paint. Painting is a labour of love, and love allows me to perceive the beauty in the simple things of the world around me.

Painting helps me reflect, step back from the hectic life I lead in order to return with a new vision. Art helps me to really look at the beauty in the wild flower not just to see it as a weed, but also to notice its colour, shape, and perceive its uniqueness. The more one paints the more perceptive one becomes, and the more enjoyment one gets from the simple things of the world around.

Painting is a challenge as one struggles with the white paper and the desire to change it into a painting. It is a struggle of balance, harmony, and order; each painting is a learning curve. One needs to be open to learning all the time, to discovering the hidden beauty in our world. It requires a deep personal sincerity with oneself and paintings always tell a tale.

Every artist corresponds to a deep need to transcend the immediate realities of life. We want to put our stamp of colour, shape, and harmony around us, to make an impact, to make a difference, to leave footprints behind.

I think creativity enriches our humanity. We have a deep need within the human spirit to be creative, to reflect and make artistic choices, evaluating colour, shape, texture... Our creativity needs exercise. Our consumer culture of "shop till we drop" even reflects this need. In selecting products, choosing one design/product above another, or comparing and contrasting we are making creative choices. Even in small things too around the house: arranging flowers, or choosing the colour and model of the new car, décor of our home, gardening.


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